Here is a guide to wheelchair-accessible Chapel entry that avoids the staircase at the front of the building. We apologize for the extra steps needed for accessible entry, but hope that won’t prevent you from attending events at the Chapel.

The Chapel has a wheelchair-accessible entrance via a ramp in the courtyard on the side of the building. The wheelchair-accessible way to access this courtyard is from via the alley, via the Chapel parking lot, as shown in the map above.

Please arrange with a Chapel volunteer (via Instagram DM or direct contact) in advance of the show to let us know to meet you at the gate. When you arrive at the parking lot, call that contact & they will come outside to let you in.

We ask that you arrive before your event begins, as the wheelchair-accessible entrance will require us to cross the stage to get to the main floor of the Chapel. We want to avoid doing this while the stage is in use.

We hope to have a more straightforwardly accessible entrance in the future. Thanks for the support ?